Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Products Galore!

Adobe Announces Adobe® Lightroom™ Beta

Lightroom is an application designed with the photographer in mind. It lets you import, sort and develop images. It also lets you layout and print images. It works similar to Apple's Aperature but does not rely heavily on Apple's Core graphics and thus does not require a high end graphics card like Aperature does. Lightroom is currently only available for Mac OS 10.4.3 (Tiger) +, 1 Ghz Mac with at least 768MB RAM. They will eventually come out with a PC version but they are working on integrating some of the latest Windows "Longhorn" features. I have not yet gotten a chance to play with it yet-- I still don't have Tiger, I just have Panther (10.3). I'm excited about its cross platform capability, its ability to work with non-RAW files and its ability to be able to have pre-sets for converting. One of the biggest advantages over Aperature is its ability to leave files in thier original folders instead of being in a centralized container that is in an inaccessible location to other programs. It also lets you add your own logo with the idendity plate so when clients view your images, it has your logo and not Adobe's on the page. It currently is a free Beta download until June. One thing that I found rather suprising is that the location of the software was found on the Macromedia portion of the Adobe site. I wonder if some of the Macromedia folks worked on it too or what. You can find out more information from: Adobe Labs , Adobe Lightroom Learning Center, Photoshop TV report

Apple just announced today the 1st release of Intel Macs:
They consist of the iMac intels and an intel replacement for the PowerBook 15" called the MacBook Pro. Apple makes use of Intel's new Core Duo processors for both the iMacs as well as the MacBook. The iMacs are suppose to be 2 to 3 times faster and the MacBook Pro is up to 4 times faster than the lastest Powerbooks. The MacBook Pro also sports an isight camera built in, a frontrow remote, and a new MagSafe powercord that is held in place by magnettes and will disconect when someone trips over the cord. See more: Apple's Hardware.

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