Saturday, January 07, 2006

Fried Power Supply :(

Last Night my Gateway Laptop Computer Power adapter fried itself. Michelle was using it and noticed a burning smell coming from the computer. When I looked at it, I did not notice any problems with the computer and everything smelled & looked O.K. Later on I noticed the computer was running on Battery instead of A/C. It turns out that the fan in the A/C adapter stopped working and the unit overheated. Gateway will replace it, but I will not get the replacement until January 12 :(. Another problem I ran into was: I have an extended warranty, but they did not have me in their main system. They told me that I was out of warranty. After I provided them with my extended warranty invoice # they were able to look me up on another system and resolve the problem. I Guess the bottom line is keep all paperwork handy for all warranties, etc.

I'm going back to work now. Hopefully I will continue my diligence and return soon to post more! Until then have fun, remember not to take life too seriously and have a great Weekend,

John :)

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