Saturday, February 16, 2008

Google introduces GOOG-411

Google has introduced GOOG-411 as a toll free directory assistance number for anyone to use for free anywhere in the United States.
They will even connect you to the looked up phone number for free. The service appears to just be for business right now. One word of caution-- when you are connected the phone conversations are recorded so don't call at talk about something private!

Until I Blog again, remember not to take life too seriously and make sure you tell someone that is close to you how much you care for them-- no one knows when our loved ones may depart so we should try to let our loved ones know how much we care for them.

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pinetrees said...

There are a bunch of "free" directory assistance services out there now. The coolest thing about ALL of them is that they are all free to callers, instead of costing at least $1.50 each for regular 411 calls. With almost all of them, the tradeoff compared to regular 411 is that the call will have more automation, sometimes they will connect you to the requested listing, and sometimes they won't, and most of them also include 1-3 audio advertisements (usually less than 10 seconds each). For people who don't mind the audio ads, "FREE" is a pretty nice trade-off.

My favorite one is 1-800-YellowPages (1-800-935-5697). Like all the others, there's an automated interaction that sometimes fully automates the call and sometimes doesn't. The great thing with this service is that there's always an operator available to help if the automated system can't find the listing for you. It drives me nuts when I can't talk to a human when I need one! Also, even though the name makes you think this might be for businesses only, you can ask for any listing in the US, including businesses, governments, or people. I tried relatives and friends all around the US and had good luck. CAN search for a business by category (like car dealers, pizza, or locksmith) over the phone, similar to when you look up something in a yellow pages phone book. They do connect you to some businesses. This one is a permanent addition to my mobile phone address book!!

Have you tried any of these services yet? Do you have a favorite?