Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jott: Creating and e-mail or Blog Entry ViaVoice, or at least the modern equivalent!

Imagine calling a toll free phone number and hearing "Who do you want to Jott . . . Got It!" What in the world is John talking about? I originally titled this piece "Creating an e-mail or Blog Entry via phone! As soon as I started to write this down, I realized everyone would think it was a pretty easy thing to do-- you just need an iPhone or other web enabled Smart Cellphone. Actually what I am referring to is a nifty WebApp called Jott. This WebApp from Jott networks allows anyone with toll free 800 phone access to access their web server. Like many Apps on the web, it is currently totaly free. Yep, you can essentially call from anywhere in the U.S. to access your account to e-mail them from your pre-defined Jott e-mail address book. The Jott Application is a Voice voice to text transcription service program.

How well does it work? The first time I tried it I was amazed. It can sometimes take some time transcribing your spoken word. If you are speaking difficult words you can spell them out to aide in the accuracy of the transcription. After your voice is transcribbed, it provieds its own evaluation of the specific "transcription confidence" such as:
Transcription Confidence: HIGH
Transcription Confidence: FAIR

If it is not very confident and states "Transcription Confidence: FAIR" it may be best to click on the link enclosed with the e-mail message to your original voice recording. That's a great feature that you can use even if you don't have a Jott Account!

Obviously you would not want to Jott anything that is private or sensitive in nature since everything is being stored on the Jott Servers.

Jott allows its users to be able to "Jott" notes to themselves or others when it wouldn't normally be safe to do so such as when you are driving a car, as the video illustrated.

The WebApp also comes in handy for people who might not be as internet or computer savvy. (Note: a friend would have to set up the account for this type of person). They could communicate with someone who is constantly on-line when they are constantly off-line. The only downside-- it ends up being a one sided conversation-- the on-line person could not communicate back via on-line. Wait a minute, they could resort to an 1870s device to communicate back. That 1870s device is, ofcourse, the Telephone!

Until I Blog again, remember not to take life too seriously and make sure you tell someone that is close to you how much you care for them-- no one knows when our loved ones may depart so we should try to let our loved ones know how much we care for them.

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John :)

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