Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Car Fire on I-480 EB @ the Warrensville Rd. SB exit on May 13, 2009

I encountered a car fire when I was exiting off of I-480. The "toxic" fumes were terrible.

You get a chance to see the Warrensville Heights "B" unit put out the fire with the assistance of one of the Warrensville Heights Police Officers who untangles a hose for the firemen.

The video is cropped for this posting. If you want to see the full frame posting please click here
The video was captured with the Canon G9 Digital Elph Camera.

I had the G9 zoomed in all the way and it was resting on the guard rail telephone pole tree trunk material post that supports the guard rail.

I got lucky with the great placement of the support post. It made an awesome tripod-- or should I say monopod!

It probably took longer than you would think for the fireman to get the water on since the truck was a pumper truck and all the water came from the truck.  There was not a convenient fire hydrant near by.  I would imagine that it took some time to pressurize the water before it could inflate the fire-hose and come out with enough volume.

As far as I know everyone was all right.

Video © 2009 John C. Kieger /

Until I Blog again, remember not to take life too seriously and make sure you tell someone that is close to you how much you care for them.

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John :)

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