Sunday, August 24, 2008

Presidential Election and the Funny times we live in: John Kieger '08?

Watch and who knows, you too may want to run for President!

(Editors note: Link & Video no longer work since election. Point of video-- anyone could type in their name and it would instantly appear on the video and the reporters talked about an "unknown" who got internet support and became a serious political contender and candidate "virtually overnight". The entered name appeared on a taxi cab, headline of a newspaper, a billboard, and finally an "elderly woman" was asked by a reporters who she supported. She said "I can show you" and she turned around and lifted up the backside of her lower shirt and there was a tattoo with the candidates name and '08. The reporter then said "Looks like this is one candidate that is coming up from behind!" It was a pretty neat concept with the aid of a website and some scripts being able to instantly change the candidate's name on everything in the story whether it be a large billboard, a bus, or a tattoo on an elderly woman. It was easier to be seen then described. Sorry you missed it. -John)

Until I Blog again, remember not to take life too seriously and make sure you tell someone that is close to you how much you care for them.

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