Monday, July 28, 2008

Trayless Raid Drives anyone?

Wiebetech RTX200 H-QR Trayless Raid External SATA Hard Drive EnclosureToday I installed a new (RTX200 H-QR) trayfree Wiebetech External Raid Hard Drive system. The Raid System takes SATA hard drives and has a quad interface of eSATA, Firewire 800/400, and USB 2.0. Inserting the hard drives is a piece of cake. You open up the door and slide in the hard drive. It makes it a lot easier not having to install the hard drive into a tray or sled system first.

The major benefit of having a Raid Hard Drive system is its built in backup feature. I am using a Raid 1 or mirrored hard drive configuration. Everytime my computer writes to the external hard drive enclosure, the hardware controller in the external hard drive enclosure writes to both hard drives simultaneously. If one of the hard drives fails, I just insert another hard drive into the raided hard drive enclosure and it automatically rebuilds or copies the information from the one drive over to the other on a block by block basis. I also take the added precaution of having an additional drive that I rotate in so at any given time I have three copies of most of my data on hard drives.

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