Thursday, March 06, 2008

My Little Helper Carissa

I always look forward to my kids coming home from school. My wife and I are blessed to have the school bus drop our kids off practically on our doorstep. I decided to shovel snow while I waited for the bus to arrive.

Yesterday I did not get a chance to shovel the snow since we had an early call and start time on the other side of town for the Commercial Video Production. I always hate to drive over snow in the driveway-- doing so compresses it and makes it more difficult to clear and causes the snow to turn to ice. It was bad weather yesterday and I broke my rule to get to the set.

This afternoon was my window of opportunity to clear away the snow, ice and slush before it froze again. It's always a pain to remove wet and heavy snow. My youngest child, Carissa, blessed me with her enthusiasm to pitch in and clear the driveway with me. She did an awesome job. We worked together outside for about an hour. As we finished up I decided to turn the work into a photo op. I wanted to share the moment with you.

All these photos were taken on a Canon G9. I am so glad that I purchased the Canon G9 Digital Point and Shoot at the end of last year. It's a super camera and the best production camera I have owned to date! It also takes amazing video. All that from a camera that can fit in my shirt pocket.

Until I Blog again, remember not to take life too seriously and make sure you tell someone that is close to you how much you care for them-- no one knows when our loved ones may depart so we should try to let our loved ones know how much we care for them.

Thanks for reading,

John :)

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