Friday, May 05, 2006

MS Windows & Macs

I recently was told that Gateway Computer would not support my Pentium 4 notebook with Windows XP and Service Pack 2. It was sold with Service Pack 1. If I would have known that, I may not have bought their extended warranty. If the notebook were a Mac, Applecare would have supported any and all help upgrading the OS to the system as long as the computer could physically install the new OS.

Gateway's Policy definitely encourages me to buy an intel Mac for my next Windows notebook. Apple does not support Windows, but I'm sure Microsoft will eventually. Microsoft supports retail versions of its operating system. It refers you to your OEM supplier for OEM windows versions.

This is one of the advantages of buying Apple products. You do not get stuck with the blame game-- it's the hardware companies fault or its the software companies fault. Since Apple makes its hardware and software there can be no scapegoating.

Unfortunately, I will wait for Photoshop to be Universal Binary before I will buy an Intel Mac :(. Adobe says that will not happen until the next release of Photoshop, which is scheduled for 2007!

Until then, I'm using my Mac Tower and my PC laptop for digital imaging!

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